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More than ten years of experience comprising demanding tasks in consulting, communication, and marketing have allowed CP/CONSULT to build a unique set of competencies. Over many years, we have built a sustainable platform within the economic cooperation of German regions and the Federal Republic of Russia. In the pharma and healthcare sectors, we were able to neutralize smoldering crises for our clients, utilizing strategic media work – addressing external and internal audiences alike (i.e. outside and within the companies) – smaller and larger fusions were accompanied, hostile take-overs averted, interconnected storytelling was the key for the Europe-wide medial positioning of innovative products…

We successfully led several political campaigns, we gained back reputation in a battle against “media bashing” that even entailed blackmail, we sustainably improved corporate/product images, we implemented media measures in order to help our clients increase their turnover, established new benchmarks with our extraordinary campaigns, brought a new shine to formerly fading brands… We brought a new fashion label to life and defended it against attempted plagiarism, produced eBooks, helped putting the spotlight on figures from economy, sport and culture, while maintaining authenticity, developed and marketed events for up to 50,000 enthusiastic fans. Naturally, we know how to inform and communicate professionally and effectively, how to build websites correctly, how to organize press conferences in a professional manner, how to produce effective TV spots, how to properly engage in social media activities, how to develop and market spectacular events… And how to interconnect all of these elements in a way that makes sense!
Our know-how…

Competence equals knowledge plus experience

Experience is what enables us to assess every new task with utmost accuracy. We know what makes people from the most diverse walks of life tick, what has to be kept in mind when cooperating with institutions, how editorial offices and publishing houses operate. We know what works and what normally doesn’t work.

To us, profession means proving that it does work after all – with passion, strategic vision, creativity and operative routine. All directed towards the goal of achieving the extraordinary for our clients! Positioning and clearly defining businesses, products and people within the media competition, capitalizing the budget within the scope of the task, achieving verifiable added values. That is what we live for. That is what we are working hard for.

The re-occurring question: How do we, by means of Public and Media Relations, manage to reach our target groups? How do we change opinions within our focus groups in order to influence habits and, eventually, sustainably generate purchase impulses? How do we develop a positive image? How do we connect these tasks with internal communication within the company, with the sales team, with partners, shareholders and stakeholders? All of this with the overall goal of getting everyone excited and on board for the change process. In order to create a positive corporate spirit… What needs to be done in order to turn customers into fans?

Storytelling and Content Marketing

No matter if it’s just a simple regional PR flight or an international 360-degree image campaign: What really matters is the story and its messages! Our motto: Creatively working against established standards while maintaining a tried and trusted foundation! Mediocrity and boredom do not lead to emotion and positive awareness…

In order to reach your goals, the first step that needs to be taken is always a thorough analysis. Once we have a crystal-clear picture of the situation, each concept is developed and designed in an individual and unique way, its sustainability needs to be analyzed and proven. With strategically developed content, with exciting, extraordinary stories forming subchapters of different topics under the core message, all of them contributing to the fulfillment of your goals. Clear, credible messages, conveyed in text, visually, virtually – both online and offline… Performance Marketing meets Classic.

Always focused on: Return on Invest

Do you have reputation problems? We are taking on jobs even when the “sea is rough”, amidst a crisis or looming conflicts. We are not scared. We are confident! Because we know: Anything goes! You just have to want it!! And you have to be consequent – with a solid plan and the discipline to follow it through. No compromises.

We make a living based on our clients’ success. Our fees, our budget, which we see as a credit given for the successful completion of every assigned job, is always an investment. Both of these rely on our clients’ trust in our strategic and operative competence. We are happy to be measured in terms of success – of our measures, our campaigns and projects. Any time! This is your Return on Invest…

Teamwork: external partner or insourcing

We think and we live teamwork: As a partnering service provider with a temporary project-based contract, or within the scope of an insourcing situation with our team functioning as a competence center integrated in the clients’ business premises, or with a situational interim management.

What exactly does teamwork mean to us? Respect for everyone, passion and fun at work, open and direct communication, clear responsibilities and goals need to be defined, lived and implemented. Setting a good example is crucial! Especially in the cooperative synergy of all involved parties. With distinct leadership within each defined competence field.

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Aktionsfeld regional, national, international

We love our main site in Essen, right in the middle of the Ruhr Area. Hard work, but also – in equal measure – lots of humor, optimism and the ability to accept criticism: all of this is part of our DNA.

Glamour is a foreign concept to us – we are all about being down-to-earth and committed. Mentally, our home is where our clients are – in Germany, but also abroad: in the Russian Federation, in Switzerland, in Asia or in the BeNeLux countries. We are taking an interdisciplinary approach in our work: from analysts, concept developers, content developers, over journalists and copy writers to online/social sedia editors, web designers, programmers and consultants.

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„When you talk, you are repeating what you already know. But when you listen, you may learn something new.“ (Dalai Lama)

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