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„Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen,
We’re delighted you’re interested in our company, our range of services and our competencies. Welcome to CP/CONSULT! Please check out this main page for general information and – if you wish to dive further into the individual topics – take your time looking at our competencies illustrated in more detail in the different chapters of our corporate and product story. We hope you will find it entertaining!

The conceptual design and successful implementation of communication is our passion. This may sound somewhat interchangeable, but please be assured that is definitely not the case – because we live for this philosophy with a burning passion. No “If’s, And’s or But’s”! No matter if it’s a project-based task or a long-term, comprehensive international campaign. Each and every project is individual in its own right, each and every job demands our dedication at 100 percent.

I personally look back upon 30 exciting years and loads of highlights in this business:
The positioning of the Rolling Stones with the marketing of their European tour, dozens of licensing processes within the mining industry (back when coal and steel were still the defining features of the Ruhr Area in Germany), the modernization of communication within the public transport sector, or when the Ruhr Area was crowned as the European Cultural Capital. I also helped diffuse crises with the NATO and the dispute with the SSC Naples and their technical outfitter (through media and legal measures), I remember trend-setting campaigns for Henkel, Bayer, Pernod Ricard, Hagebau and the Veltins brewery, explosive jobs for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Schalke 04 and the Wuppertaler SV, exciting years with the modernization partnership between Germany and the Russian Federation, conceptual work in the run-up to the FIFA Football world championship in Russia, brand building and international marketing of a sports betting platform, public affairs in Turkey, building and expansion – over the course of several years – of Corporate Communications, Brand and Marketing for an internationally active Mobile Payment provider… and, always re-occurring, fashion, politics, art and culture, football, sports…

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Authenticity with and within the target audience: Positioning a mobile payment/cashback brand within stationary retail in times of the pandemic.

Always focusing on our clients’ best interests, we make it our absolute priority to establish and maintain an open and honest, confidential cooperation, based on partnership, unprejudiced and characterized by mutual respect. We firmly believe that friction is an essential driver – this is the energy that often helps to reach benchmark status, that achieves the remaining 10 to 20 percent needed in order to transform average into extraordinary. Added value for the task at hand, for communication and marketing!

When it comes to publishing references, our approach is more on the defensive side – the project samples we share are, without exception, materials that have already been published and are publicly accessible. The majority is available on YouTube – we hope you enjoy the trailers we chose to visualize our corporate story in the style of a project-based vita.

The framework conditions of communication and marketing have seen drastic changes over the past years. The essentials, however, remain unchanged! Now more than ever, conceptual competencies and proven professionalism in the diverse disciplines of communication are the basic requirements needed to design successful companies, products and brands, to present them in media, to make them shine among competitors… In the face of an ever-increasing diversification of communication, our team focuses – aside from a thorough analysis and a sustainably plausible concept that builds on it – on communication management.

This process always entails the following crucial questions that need to be answered:



Impressions of the “Global Striker” fashion project – We love football, we love our planet.

We are filled with pride when we look back upon magnificent campaigns that have been rewarded with a dozen of industry awards. After the completion of a strenuous job, standing on the stage together with the client and receiving an award that defines you as benchmark is truly a reward for the soul… However, all awards and ceremonies are fleeting – after all, they are given only after a project or campaign is already over. What has always been and always will be essential: Have the goals been achieved? Is our client satisfied with the performance?

I hope you will find our website entertaining.

And “Glück auf!” – as we say in the Ruhr Area, a remnant of the days when the mining industry was still in bloom.

Tilmann Meuser

PS: Chablis…
PPS: My personal key messages have remained the same throughout the years: “Jeder Tag ein Endspiel” (Each day is final game day) and “Keine Macht den Doofen” (No power to the stupid)

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“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” (Artur Schopenhauer)

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