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40 million people are using social networks. In Germany alone!

The activation of these networks for the purpose of conveying information and viralizing communication is an integral part of our interconnected PR and marketing campaigns. In classic media relations, the synchronization with social media plays a crucial role.


Our mission: Social media marketing is the optimal mixture…

…of semantics and syntax. Concepts, developing content targeted specifically at the individual communities with editorial steering of storytelling and media planning, are part of our core competencies. For effective performance marketing and the realization of all technological requirements we rely on trusted partners who specialize in these fields.

Interdisciplinary team configuration: During the conception stage of our social media tasks, for building communities as well as for integrated e-commerce, we rely on specialists from the most diverse fields of competence. With Personality PR and Personality Marketing we establish personalities as influencers and testimonials.

In B2B/B2C projects, how can we generate more leads and followers/contacts, how can we improve the conversion rate? By combining various communication tools, such as TV, synchronized with social media and online marketing, we have been able to reach live coverages of up to 2 million in brand/corporate communication. Reference: community development with over 50.000 followers – synchronized with the successful planning, execution and development of e-commerce. In this process, we use established management tools such as Sprout Social, HubSpot and Hootsuite as well as all relevant analytic and tracking tools for monitoring/controlling purposes.


E-commerce, the supreme discipline of digital marketing, has received a strong worldwide boost caused by the Corona pandemic.

In Germany, the gross turnover from goods in e-commerce has increased from 72.6 billion (2019) to 83.3 billion euros. Within Europe, the United Kingdom had the highest per capita expenditures in online shopping reaching 1.020 euros in 2020, followed by Germany as a close runner-up with 947 euros per year. According to an up-to-date survey by Statista, 29% of the sampled German population under the age of 20 are making online purchases at least once per week. Only 2% of interviewees made as little as two online purchases per year.

Our mission: Concept, content, design.

When it comes to digital/online marketing, CP/CONSULT does not focus on the technical development and realization of websites, online portals/shops, apps… We focus on communicating and marketing our clients’ online/e-commerce projects. The content-focused conception of websites, online shops and apps is part of our core competences, involving specialists for programming, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). All tasks related to project management, design and editing are covered by us.

Example: Online/social media strategy for a betting platform: The focus was put on the interconnection of communities while considering the guidelines and regulations that apply to communication and marketing via social media channels.

Example: E-commerce, affiliate marketing, mobile payment, cashback, international platform, innovative app: Up until the beginning of 2021, we were responsible for corporate/product communication of a company active across all of Europe – including marketing and brand responsibilities.


Example: E-commerce with online lottery and betting! We created an online lottery portal with a German license and positioned it internationally. We were part of the development process of sports betting portals and, with target-focused communicative measures, we successfully positioned the products in the media and also directly with the target groups.

Live communication for businesses and brands is crucial for establishing awareness, image and customer proximity…

Events, trade fairs and promotions emotionalize every brand in direct contact with the target group. To create this type of personal interaction as an active experience with an added value within a staged setting, is a constantly re-occurring challenge. The personal brand experience within the scope of a real communication event – as part of a strategically planned brand communication – is more than just a momentary experience to the guest, employee, customer, fan….

Capitalising on events with communication and marketing

Our mission: Conception, realization, operative execution and marketing of events.

The focus lies on conception, communication and marketing – especially with the integration of live communication in interconnected communication/marketing campaigns. In concrete terms: Events should always be accompanied by PR, classic advertising, online communication and social media. Beginning with storytelling via social media beforehand, followed by a kick-off media event with clear messages, the activation of media relations and own media, follow-up communication as content for the ongoing campaign…

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Example: Sports & entertainment turn a brand into an experience…
European Boxing Championship fights and summer party in a branded arena combined with an open-air event.

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Example: Communicative marketing of “big events” in a stadium for up to 45,000 fans – with classic PR, advertising measures, online marketing and social media.

The integrated campaign for the WTC Team Challenge “Biathlon auf Schalke” made the shortlist for the International German PR Award and was honored as one of the three best projects. The highlight of the event was the final race of multiple world champion and Olympics winner Magdalena Neuner’s career.
For the festival “Rock im Pott”, Marek Lieberberg and Rüdiger Mengede received the Live Entertainment Award (LEA) in the category “best festival” on behalf of their companies.

Example: Conception/realization of brand awareness and emotionalizing a regional area: a three-week event arena with the most valuable and temporarily largest artificially created sand hill of the world was the emotional core of the campaign for the market launch of a mobile payment/cashback system in the metropolitan area of Munich. The spectacular event for 14,000 guests digging for gold in the Olympia Park was the summer highlight.

Shortlisted for the Loyalty Magazine Awards: one of the 10 best campaigns worldwide.
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Example corporate event – synchronized with “public live”: With the motto “Alpen-Pop trifft Tölzer Rock” we planned a corporate event targeted at an international audience including the fundamental program elements. Part of this conception was a kind of prelude to the corporate event: a “party for the region” which focused on the local preferences with appropriate live acts. Communicative marketing was a part of this job – comprising PR, social media, classic advertising such as billboards, promotions, media cooperations, ads online/offline.

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Example regional business events: “Treff am Großmarkt”: This weekly multiplier event served the purpose of promoting the wholesale market, which is located in a more remote commercial area of Essen, and to give people a chance to experience it in a special ambience. By implementing a unique infotainment concept and exclusively addressing opinionmakers, following up with media relations, the project – which we realized in cooperation with MGE Media Group and other partners – soon became “Talk of Week” in the area.

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“With the help of the internet those who are clever become even cleverer, the stupid become more stupid.” (Prof. Dr. Ewald Wessling)

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