Our interdisciplinary approach: creativity and the courage to challenge existing thought patterns! Based on this, we develop business drafts for ourselves or for our clients – for new products and services or the diversification towards new lines of business by means of business plans and business models. In order to tackle these challenges successfully, we tap into our wide-ranging network.

Project: Lifestyle & Accessoires

The per-capita use of coffee in Germany is around 166 litres annually, which equals a total turnover of about four billion euros. As a consequence, the demand for lifestyle accessories such as travel mugs or cups, coffee makers and other similar products has increased as well. Is the market open to innovative product ideas within the table accessory segment? How do we achieve premium quality? What should the design look like and who will develop it? Is it possible to manufacture an item from rosewood and metal in a way that meets hygiene standards for safe use with coffee, espresso and milk? Have the brands been registered correctly? Who can produce high-quality samples that are affordable? Should we offer the products to brand name manufacturers or should we market them ourselves? How should we handle sales through our own online shop, affiliate marketing, synchronized with sales in retail? Should we choose a final production site in Asia? What are the phases of the financing process and which financing options should we rely on? How high are the margins? Is our business plan plausible?

Goal accomplished! Project launched…

Our products have been honored twice with the Red Dot Design Award!

Project Food & Beverage


With a turnover of around 3.7 billion euros Mc Donald’s is Germany’s biggest restaurant chain. 50 percent of German single people eat at a franchise branch or “on-the-go” from a kebab takeaway or food truck at least once a month. Is it possible to build a food truck in the shape of an oversized Matroshka? Are Eurasian dumplings a lifestyle food? What kind of sauces or dips go well with a dumpling build-your-own concept? How do you design a fully functional kitchen on just 2.5 square meters? Is it possible to have this concept patented? How to we ensure quality of food and personnel? Should we have the food trailer built in Poland, Turkey or Germany? Should we focus on malls, city centers or events? How do we finance growth? Do we want to further develop the project ourselves or should we build it as a franchise? Is our business plan sustainable?

Goal accomplished! Project successfully launched…

Project Betting & Gaming:

The total turnover in sports betting in Germany has risen from 4.5 to 9.3 billion euros from 2014 to 2019. Turnover in the gaming market (hardware, games, subscriptions/fees, in-game purchases) was at 6.2 billion euros in 2019. Worldwide, around 950 billion US dollars are reached in the e-sports segment alone. Will the market accept a new betting platform that caters exclusively to young adults and combines conventional sports betting with gaming and e-sports? For online betting, is it possible to rely on social media to communicate, multiply, go viral? Will a license from Malta or Ireland be sufficient? Will I be leasing the betting software from an established provider and integrate it in my portal? Who develops this software? How do I go about digital marketing? With e-sports, how much do I need to invest in sponsoring in order to be able to successfully build my community together with testimonials and influencers? How much money will be needed? Which legal form should my business have and in which country should it be based? As a start-up, am I eligible for public funds? How do I build an investor pool? Do I want to sell via exit strategy – and if so, when?

Goal accomplished! Project launched…

Our mission – also on behalf of third parties:

Involving trend scouts,  analyzing and scaling markets, developing product/project ideas together with network partners and investors, testing market development strategies, designing professional business plans, assembling interdisciplinary teams from the competence fields of market research, project management, design, software/IT, law/tax, finance, ensuring legal safety, implementing fundraising and investor relations, developing and testing pilot projects, develop markets…

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“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.“ (Francis of Assisi)

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