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*This is the traditional German miner’s greeting that is still used in the Ruhr area and essentially translates to „Good luck!“

„Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen,
We’re delighted you’re interested in our company, our range of services and our competencies. Welcome to CP/CONSULT! Please check out this main page for general information and – if you wish to dive further into the individual topics – take your time looking at our competencies illustrated in more detail in the different chapters of our corporate and product story. We hope you will find it entertaining!


Only those who burn...


More than ten years of experience comprising demanding tasks in consulting, communication, and marketing have allowed CP/CONSULT to build a unique set of competencies. Over many years, we have built a sustainable platform within the economic cooperation of German regions and the Federal Republic of Russia. In the pharma and healthcare sectors, we were able to neutralize smoldering crises for our clients, utilizing strategic media work – addressing external and internal audiences alike (i.e. outside and within the companies) – smaller and larger fusions were accompanied, hostile take-overs averted, interconnected storytelling was the key for the Europe-wide medial positioning of innovative products…



Our interdisciplinary approach: creativity and the courage to challenge existing thought patterns! Based on this, we develop business drafts for ourselves or for our clients – for new products and services or the diversification towards new lines of business by means of business plans and business models. In order to tackle these challenges successfully, we tap into our wide-ranging network.



Our mission: With our 360-degree communication strategy, we tap the optimum potential offered by integrated communication. In our effective way of brand building, creating awareness and facilitating behavioural change within the target groups, we combine all measures in a precisely coordinated manner: “Paid media” (classic advertising, live communication, sponsoring, PoS marketing and mobile/direct marketing) together with “non-paid” communication (online marketing/website, social media, public relations and public affairs/lobbying).



How does agenda setting work? How do you gain the upper hand when it comes to opinion formation in media? What defines a successful media event? How and when can you win over journalists, bloggers and influencers and motivate them to support you and your cause? Which news portals and platforms are important and worthwhile? …

Windsock damaged by extreme storm - storm warning


Are shady media outlets trying to discredit your business? Cyber mobbing is weakening your reputation: How should you react? What should you do if your product receives a negative rating from consumer protection? How can you assemble the best crisis communication team? …


Personality Brand Building

Who am I? What do I want? What can I do? How do I become? Do I have to position myself in the media? Do I enjoy that? What impression do I leave with people? In photos and on video? What do I have to say to the world? What is my vision? What is my core message? Am I likeable? …

Digital & Live

Vlogger streaming a live video live at a train platform

Social Media

Which social networks should I be counting on? How do I organize the market launches in different countries? Why is Facebook old-fashioned, but still a great platform for my e-business? How did Donald Trump manage to be covered on all news channels worldwide with just a single tweet? …



How successful is my website? Does e-commerce make sense for my business? Who can give me security in the face of everchanging legal frameworks and security standards? How do I reach my target groups online? What should my online shop look like? …



When should I invite the media and how should I perform in order to raise positive awareness? Why do sales events follow an emotional dramaturgy? Why do employee events have to be honest and credible? When should I make use of incentives and how? How can I market a boxing gala event – especially in terms of media representation? …

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