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Our mission: With our 360-degree communication strategy, we tap the optimum potential offered by integrated communication. In our effective way of brand building, creating awareness and facilitating behavioral change within the target groups, we combine all measures in a precisely coordinated manner: “Paid media” (classic advertising, live communication, sponsoring, PoS marketing and mobile/direct marketing) together with “non-paid” communication (online marketing/website, social media, public relations and public affairs/lobbying).

Would you like to have your corporate strategy, including product strategies, precisely reflected in your communication/marketing strategy? Is it possible to establish a positive image for your business and your products on a long-term and sustainable basis? How do you generate actual added values through the organic interconnectedness of internal and external communication? What is the value of individual campaign measures within the scope of the overall strategy? How can I reach my target groups in a regionally specified manner with a limited budget in performance marketing? What do benchmark campaigns look like in sports marketing/sponsoring, for mobile payment, for beer and spirit brands, for culture/economy development, for the building industry? How can I evaluate the goals meaningfully once the campaign has ended?

Just ask us: we will inform, we will explain, we will demonstrate…

Project 360-degree PR campaign:
Agenda Setting

Classic agenda setting via strategic combination of measures within the scope of the General Meeting of members of German soccer club Schalke 04: implementation of three PR flights with more than 250 articles published in quality media (print and online) with a national coverage of over 80 million. Accompanied by a website providing more in-depth information on the project. Tactically variable synchronization of contents in media relations promotion, dialogue and social media. Within the first week of its launch more than 8,000 users from 11 countries visited www.herzblut-aufschalke.de (in German language). The website’s content has been cited extensively by various German quality media. Direct requests submitted through website after only two weeks: more than 100.

Project 360 Degree Campaign: Market Launch Mobile Payment

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Introduction of a new mobile payment and cashback system in the metropolitan area of Munich. Unique story! Storytelling gone viral! Organic interconnection of PR campaign, classic online/offline advertising campaign, live communication/event and sales activities. With a coverage of around 18 million in terms of media relations and around 20 million in terms of advertising, the four-week kick-off was the “Talk of the Month” in the Munich area and even gained nation-wide awareness.

The campaign was shortlisted for the Loyalty Magazine Award as one of the 10 best campaigns worldwide.
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“Kick Off” for project and campaign: The press conference!

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Sustainable utilization of the sand hill event: This was realized within the scope of media cooperations and social commitment once the project had been finalized.

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Fascinating storytelling in various facets: The campaign’s sustainability was reflected by authentic social media/online marketing –with continuously broadcasted success news regarding the project’s progress, integrating the retail target group as testimonials.

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Interconnection of sports sponsorship with a sales-promoting campaign: The TV spot (produced by Cordes/Pixelperfektion) was designed by CP/CONSULT – it was cut from pre-existing materials that had been previously used as social media content. It was aired during the DEL (German Ice Hockey League) matches of German ice hockey club EHC Red Bull Munich on the sports channel MAGENTA SPORT as well as in the social networks.

Project 360-degree campaign: Presentation of a fashion label’s latest line

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“Refreshment” fashion label: On the way from a start-up to a Europe-wide active mid-size business, careful calibration of communication, marketing and sales according to the requirements of the future is key. The relaunch focuses on digital campaign measures.
(Concept/production trailer: Team Falko Reich/dore edits)

Project 360- degree campaign: Positioning fashion label

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Start-up in a fight “David against Goliath”: For our product introduction campaign as well as for the ensuing crisis communication during the copyright dispute with the SSC Naples and their equipment provider Macron, we have received the International German PR Award (Internationaler Deutscher PR-Preis).

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